Edt christmas lights

A few weeks we had our first performance in a local venue, which was great! Everything was captured on video, it was only a short show but you have to start somewhere. Because we have another show the 17th of December, we have been working on getting more light effects... [Read More]

Low latency osc over udp

In my previous blog post about OSC messages, I primarily focused on getting the number of messages per second up without looking at, perhaps more important, things like delay or reliability. In this blog post, I will dive a bit more into getting things faster, but use the message latency... [Read More]

Edt-Pedal & Edt-Presets system

Yes, another update! It’s time to continue with the project, we will try to post more updates and get something going! Edt-Pedal First thing first; the Edt-Pedal. If you take a look at our Pivotal Tracker, you can read that the Edt-Pedal will make it possible to switch between ‘presets’... [Read More]


The last few weeks we were not able to do much, but we did work a little on the Edt-MainFrame. We ordered many little packages from all kinds of webshops, and bought a flightcase that could house the main components for live usage: The idea is to have everything we... [Read More]

Speeding up osc over udp

A few weeks back we were setting up the first version of the Edt-2000 system and tried to make some music with it and see what effects we can make with it. We used a Arduino Leonardo with Ethernet for reading the Gametrak and a Arduino with an Ethernet shield... [Read More]

Edt-Trak first release!

This project started with the idea of modifying a GameTrak controller, and has since then grown in complexity to a whole system for live performances. We are glad to post about our first official ‘release’; last weekend we were able to finalize our first ‘story’ and deliver a ‘working product’.... [Read More]


Welcome to our new blog, which is a continuation of our project at hackaday.io/project/11708-edt-2000-expressive-midi-controller. We will still push updates to the hackaday website with links to this new site, we don’t want to loose the few followers we have until now. [Read More]