The last few weeks we were not able to do much, but we did work a little on the Edt-MainFrame. We ordered many little packages from all kinds of webshops, and bought a flightcase that could house the main components for live usage:

The idea is to have everything we need in terms of Arduino’s and other fragile components build into a stage ready housing; a flightcase. With some off the shelve components it’s relatively straightforward to build something that works and is extendable, we choose to use ‘keystones’ for most of the connectors:

Keystone UTP

Keystone UTP back

These keystones can be put in a cheap patch panel, this one we bought for around 10 euros:

Patch panel

To mount the Arduino’s and other stuff, we bought a 19 inch rack shelf for another 10 euros that fits in a flightcase:

Rack shelve

Mounted together it forms a solid and extendable housing that can be setup in no time, ideal for stage use:


Edt-2000 ecosystem - visual

The whole ecosystem can be divided into sensors and actuators, which are bound together by the controller; MaxMSP. In the future, we would love to give each sensor/actuator more responsibilities; for now MaxMSP is an easy method to experiment and develop quickly.


As you can see, a variety of sensors and actuators form the eventual system, all connected through UTP cables, wirelessly or by other ways we don’t even know now.

Creative Coding Amsterdam

Last Friday we went to a meeting in Amsterdam: Creative Coding Amsterdam. This is a community of people interested in all creative aspects of computer programming. It is a place to meet for beginners as well as advanced users, for professionals as well as people coding just for fun. The Edt-2000 fits right in!

During this meetup we told about our system, and gave a live demo of the Airdrum. Photos can be found here.

We had a lot of fun, and in the next weeks we hope to have some more time to continue our work as we are excited to see what’s next. Please let us know what you think and if you have any questions, please use the comments section or send us a message through github.